Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bone yard of ancient history

What are you doing to get your company noticed? Most of us tinker and mess about with our code, search words and tags, in the hopes of growing our internet business. Most people seem to fail to understand how the Internet works; through a lack of fundamental understanding of how to get the most out of their blogs and websites (quitting when they fail to make a fast buck).

We try to make ourselves and our products appear eye-catching, intelligent, attention-grabbing, sexy and practical, hoping and praying that our visitors trust us enough to purchase from us. The content of your enterprise has to be either useful or enlightening and be contained with in a cohesive structure. Where does the visitor go when he lands on your page? You have to corral the interloper and steer them into a pen. Create a cage that keeps them locked into your site; tame them so they don't want to leave. It is no good being left with a deserted graveyard of a site, dumped in the bone yard of ancient history web dreams. Set your traps carefully and snare your visitors.

Most commodities and websites generate very little traffic (you have put it there but nobody is looking) people can't be expected to stumble upon you. It is like having a blank sign on a wall; if you don't advertise yourself or give the correct information in the correct manner people will pass you by.

You need a holistic strategy to get the results you require. We are all suffering in this current economic climate, with its tight budgets, dwindling resources and ravenous competition, it is harder to get noticed. Is all this effort really boosting your business? Maybe it is time to get a proper job.

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