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Order early for Christmas - Handcrafted Christmas Gifts

This hand painted Noah's ark incorporates the dove and olive branch motif from the biblical story of Noah.  I identify my various arks by their frieze.  All the traditional arks are based on medieval German houses with tiled roofs, the frieze above the windows and stone quoins that reinforce the corners of the buildings. My hand-painted animals celebrate nature’s rich variety of pattern, stripes, spots, camouflage and decoration. As a guide I have priced this hand painted Noah's ark with 12 pairs from the main list of animals, but you can have as many or as few as you like.  The ark is made from Columbian pine, and a roof and the house lift off.  The animals are in lime wood, decorated using non-toxic paint and varnish. Size: 20” x 13” x 7” The ark can be inscribed with the recipient’s name Contact for details "I made my first Noah’s Ark when my daughter was small, and the one-off became a life’s work." To read more click here... Handmade Noah's Arks made f

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Order early for Christmas - Handcrafted Christmas Gifts

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