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The History of a Guitar Saved

When you think of a guitar's history you immediately think of who has owned it. A guitar has its own history, when and where was it made, who made it, what wood is it made of and what modifications has it gone through. The guitar body illustrated here is an example of the history of materials? The wood used in this one is a collection of salvaged wood, parts are from a fence post, an offcut from a new roof, a piece of a shed and the most interesting bit is the carved centre section which comes from a handbuilt guitar. This original guitar section is in fact a salvaged part of a guitar that had been attacked by woodworm...   The body blank has been treated with woodworm solution and cut out into a retro 1960s / 70s shape which based on a Teisco / Kay guitar body, shapewise it is a little out of the ordinary and has old-world charm.  The bridge humbucker is from a 1980s guitar and manufactured by Sam Sung, these are great little pickups. The neck single pole pickup is a generic ceram

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