Saturday, 27 February 2021

Bargain Partscaster Parts - Guitar Store

Welcome to our online store where you can purchase new, salvaged guitar parts and our Rat Bait Guitars. Just click on the images below to view more information and photographs.

All UK postage is FREE

Loads more available at reduced prices...

All transactions are carried out by PayPal for your convenience and safety. Once payment is received, items are posted within two working days. There is no need to register on this site to purchase goods, just choose what you want and click on the PayPal button, this will take you straight to the payment option.

Guitar Salvage has launched their own brand of recycled and upcycled guitars. Each one is individually built and made from new and reclaimed parts. What we intend to do is create guitars that are reasonably priced and very different from what is available at the moment.

This bundle is made up of parts removed from a Fender Squier, other guitars and contains parts from all over the world.

Make your new relic Stratocaster project look unique with a Made In England engraved neck plate.

Friday, 26 February 2021

#WordPress #Business #Management #Marketing - WordPress Management

WordPress Management

If you would like us to help with your WordPress website ‘tweaking’ please contact us. We specialise in fixing the stuff you can't be bothered to fix. We can reassemble the shattered pieces of your website.
It is easy to blame your failures on other people and easier still to bury your head in your hands and give up. If a project is worth doing it is important to invest time, energy and resources.

All our web updating services and web services are carried out in the United Kingdom.

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Awesome Partscaster Neck - Beautiful Patina #partscaster #guitarparts #guitarneck

£35.00 – UK Post Free. Contact for International Shipping

I know it is an Encore neck but once you get over the stigma, this is a truly beautiful neck, it has a fantastic colour, rich and warm and once setup it should play as good as any other medium priced neck.

This neck has been taken from an old ‘Vintage Style’ guitar and has been lightly oiled, polished and fitted with Wilkinson by Jinho machine heads.

Awesome Partscaster Neck - Beautiful Patina

The 22 fret maple neck has a contrasting dark fingerboard. Great value. Tuning machine heads do the job more than adequately and have a long life left in them. Screw holes have been plugged. There are tiny dings on the back and fretboard but not highly significant. We have lightly oiled and polished this reclaimed guitar neck.

  • Frets 22 medium
  • Nut width 42mm
  • 55mm width at heel (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Truss rod
  • Roller String Tree
  • Set of Tuners

#encoreguitar #vintageguitars

Rat Bait Pickups and Rat Bait Partscaster Parts

We brand our pickups and parts with our name, sometimes clients want to customise their guitar so we occasionally have surplus stock. We have these for offer at low prices – check here to see if any are available.


  • Resistance:  11.75k ohm
  • Poles: 50mm
  • Colour:Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic


  • Resistance:  12.00k ohm
  • Poles: 52mm
  • Colour:Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic

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£40.00 Free UK postage and packing (International Shipping available) This body is medium in weight, originally fitted...

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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Webpage for £10.00 - Offers

We can build you a webpage for £10.00 - contact us
We can offer a full web design package that can start from as little as £450.00. We can also build you a website if you want us to on your existing server, fix the site you already have or guide you through updating the site yourself. Contact us for a competitive quote.

You need to have a vision for your online presence but  do you know how to make it a reality?

We can provide a full range of services that will help you achieve your goals. We can repair and add new exciting features and functionality to your site. Whether your project will take minutes or  hours, we are available to help you each step of the way.
  • North Devon Web offer very affordable hosting and design packages
  • Get your project delivered within a specific time frame
  • Perform regular maintenance on your website
  • Ensure good search engine optimisation is employed
  • Send out professional HTML newsletters
  • Reduce your project costs
  • Build forms, databases, blogs and forums
  • Design images and logos
  • Test your site’s navigation
  • Update your website from £1.00 a page.
  • Host your site with a webpage from £30.00 per year

WordPress Management

If you would like us to help with your WordPress website ‘tweaking’ please contact us. We specialise in fixing the stuff you cant be bothered to fix.
You can put your feet up, do some online shopping and let us do the hard work…

A charitable based blog powered by #WordPress ?

Charity Shops

Rummaging around in charity and junk shops sometimes reaps great rewards. On my recent hunting expedition I found an Olympus Trip 35, another film camera I was searching for. More and more people are turning to Charity Shops to buy goods. Other people’s castaways are somebody else’s 'can use'. Not only can you purchase usable quality clothing, you can get (slightly) out of date technology - there is nothing wrong with something manufacture in the 1970s, 80s, or 90s. Like antiques and fine art, quality is quality.

The Trip 35 is a 35mm compact camera, manufactured by Olympus. It was introduced in 1967 and discontinued, after a lengthy production run, in 1984. This camera makes use of a selenium photocell to select the shutter speeds and aperture let novices use the camera as a “point & shoot”. The Trip name was a reference to its intended market – people who wanted a compact, functional camera for holidays. During the 1970s it was the subject of an advertising campaign that featured popular British photographer David Bailey. Over ten million units were sold.

Charity begins at home and most start ups begin in the same place...

North Devon Web can help you with setting up a small business website or a charitable based blog powered by WordPress, which will give you a fast and easy route to new and established markets and get your ideas and products into search engines quicker than most platforms.

Contact us for a FREE  Start Up or Charity quote 

Has blogging become boring and your website gone out of control, then get in touch with us and we can fix it for you.   One of the best ways to get into search engines is to use the … Continue reading The Art of Blogging…→

Olympus Trip 35. (2012, August 16). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 09:03, October 20, 2012, from

#Art Investment?

...the next must have object that will hopefully be an investment

The demand for good affordable art has been spearheaded by an interest from emerging economies. An increasing number of private individuals have been teaming up with 'ART" experts to get advise on the up and coming, emerging artists. Some financial advisers and institutions are encouraging clients to include art in their portfolios. Not only has this created a market for new artists but established, lesser known creators (that have been flying below the radar) are now beginning to ride on the crest of the wave. We read reviews, visit galleries, go shopping and are sometimes captured by cynical marketing. When friends, neighbours and family show off their latest lifestyle purchases, frantic impulse buying (online) begins - we want the lifestyle but we want it cheaper...