Rat Bait Guitar Body - UK Made

Rat Bait Guitar bodies are different from others in several ways. They are made from recycled wood gathered from various sources, such as old furniture, fence posts, roof constructions, flooring, and more. These discarded bits of timber are reused and reshaped into guitar bodies that have a unique character and history. The wood upcycled, repurposed, and recycled, which means that it reduces waste and saves resources.

Rat Bait Guitar Body

Telecaster Rat Bait Body made from recycled materials - body weight 1.8kg. Body for sale only. For Scale Length: 25.5″ 

This 'Rat Bait'  body is made from parts of an Ikea bookcase, Victorian cupboard, a greenhouse and bits of salvaged roofing material, constructed and assembled in a rat infested shed in North Devon.  

Rat Bait Guitar Body

The shape of the body is based on 1960s / 70s, thin style Japanese guitars but with a standard Telecaster layout. The scratchplate, bridge and pickups are not included in the sale, they are for illustration purposes only. This Nashville style body is routed to take a standard neck pickup, single coil middle pickup and standard Telecaster bridge pickup. Can be used as a Standard Telecaster body - neck and bridge pickup. This handmade body has dents, scratches and old paint in places and is finished in beeswax.
  • Body made from a salvaged materials
  • Approx. Thickness: 38mm
  • Approx. Neck Pocket Width: 56.5mm
  • Approx. Weight: 1.8kg
  • Lightly waxed finish

Rat Bait Guitar Body

We have a selection of new and used guitar bodies in stock, prices starting from £25.00 upwards. We have Telecaster and Stratocaster type bodies, some already painted and some in raw wood.


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