Monday, 2 March 2020

Stratocaster Type Electric Guitar, Amplifier, Lead & Guitar Bag - New Neck

Beginners package or spare guitar bundle
Collection only...

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The guitar on offer originally had a Fender Squier neck fitted but this had a broken headstock. The 2019, 22 fret maple neck has a kabukalli fingerboard, which is a versatile, easy playable hardwood and has never been played.

The body is dated 2000 in the neck pocket and is made from a medium weight wood (type unknown). The gloss black paintwork has a slight (real) roadworn look about it. The scratchplate and pickups were fitted to the original guitar. The scratchplate itself appears to be from a Fender Squier and is an ultraviolet light faded, white colour. The knobs and pickup covers are bright white.


The neck on this guitar has been taken from a brand new 2019 guitar, was lightly oiled and polished and cost £32.50. This comes loaded with new machine heads and string trees.

The amp is a B. B. Blaster and is in a nearly new condition. This is a BB10 ten watt amplifier which surprisingly sounds excellent for its original price range.

This bundle is made up of new and salvaged parts, see images to judge condition.
  • Vintage guitar, fitted with new neck
  • 10 watt amplifier
  • Soft guitar cover
  • Strap
  • Lead
  • New strings fitted
  • Guitar setup

Please see the photographs to judge condition.

This bundle is collection only and can be picked up in North Devon, UK.

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