Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Loaded Black HSS Guitar Body - Free Shipping

£44.25 Free UK postage and packing (International Shipping available)

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This Stratocaster body is medium in weight and is 43mm thick, with a
56mm neck pocket. Originally fitted with a Squier neck. There are a few
minor dings, dents and surface scratches on this body but overall it
looks vintage in a matt black finish.

  • 43mm thick (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • 56 mm neck pocket (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Used matt black Stratocaster body
  • Brand new unused white loaded SSS scratch plate
  • Strap buttons
  • Brand new unused complete tremolo unit
  • Body routed for pickup configurations – ‘HSH’
  • White rear tremolo cover
  • Brand new unused jack plug socket and chrome boat

This is a black coloured body in a matt finish and would make a unique partscaster / relic.


Relic Guitar Parts - Relic Partscaster Body - Loaded Relic Stratocaster...

Relic Partscaster Body - Loaded Relic Stratocaster Body

Loaded Relic Stratocaster – Partscaster Body

£46.00 Free UK postage and packing (International Shipping available)

This Stratocaster body is medium in weight and is 43mm thick, with a 56mm neck pocket. This body is already wired up and ready to plug in and play, simply add a neck and some strings and you are ready to go.

  • 43mm thick (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • 56 mm neck pocket (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Reliced Stratocaster body
  • New white loaded SSS scratch plate
  • Strap buttons
  • New tremolo unit
  • Body routed for all pickup configurations – ‘swimming pool’

This is a reliced body and would make a unique partscaster.

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Monday, 13 September 2021

Steal other peoples' content (maybe) ?

Is it fair to steal other peoples blog content? 

Here is some we stole earlier today on art and music stuff...

After and during World War II  art and artists were used as propaganda – they worked for or against Hitler, Stalin, Churchill etc. The horrors of this global war were well documented in film, photography and words – the horror of the death camps, the executions and the spitting hatred that came out of the [more]

Dead birds and rubber gloves, pouches of Chinese fresh drinking water, sections of discarded fishing nets strewn across the tourist beach, stinking of rotting carcasses and seaweed. I think this might be what they call pollution or maybe the destruction of one of the finest surfing beaches in North Devon. Photographs taken on Woolacombe beach [more]

Refurbished Stratocaster Body

This body is medium in weight and is 43mm thick, with a 56mm neck pocket. Originally fitted with a Squier Affinity neck. There are a few minor dings and dents in this body but overall it looks cool.

This is an unusual coloured body and resembles the colouring of an Agouti. The paintwork is satin finish and would make an unusual partscaster / relic.

Pictures and details here…

North Devon Business #ndevon #devon

Towards Putsborough Beach

Rat Bait Guitars - Made in Devon

  • About

    Who are we?

    Guitar Salvage have launched our own brand of recycled and upcycled guitars. Each one is individually built and made from new and reclaimed parts. What we intend to do is create guitars that are reasonably priced and very different from what is available at the moment.

  • The

    Our brand mission

    We use parts from the 1970s right up to the 2020s, mixed together to give the experience of ‘heritage’, not the fake visual illusion of ‘relic’. The aim is to produce guitars that are very playable and sound better than the average homogenised crap that is out there. They won’t be shiny and shimmering – they will look rugged, with a few battle scars but they will compliment any serious guitar collection.

  • The

    Low prices

    The highest price we have charged so far is £450.00. We aim to produce an entry level ‘Rat Bait Guitar’ for under £100.00

  • The

    Rat Bait Pickups

    We brand our pickups with our name, sometimes clients want to customise their guitar so we occasionally have surplus stock. We have these for offer at low prices - check here to see if any are available.

  • Your

    Limited numbers

    Each guitar will be numbered carrying the date they were completed so you will know exactly when they were created. A photographic record of each guitar will be available to view and commissions will be accepted.

  • Your


    Send us your broken beast or a box of spares and we will lovingly create you a new ‘Rat Bait Guitar’ from the detritus you have sent us.

Friday, 27 August 2021

Keywords search has little effect on sales

Too much bull...

The Internet gave the small business the tools and the opportunity to compete on a level playing field with the big brands, search engines were the businessman's friend - now to take on the big boys the entrepreneur has to buy his way in to searches by embarking on expensive pay for click (keywords) campaigns (Google ad words etc).

This may reap dividends if you are lucky enough to choose the right words and you have the right product to sell. The small business should however concentrate on local searches, using local trade and business directories, these are usually free and do give surprising results...

Why do the big boys use paid-search keywords campaigns?

Google claim that its own research suggests that there is a significant increase in clicks as a result of search engine advertising. This might be the case but if you are an established brand that features in searches organically then there seems little point in using Internet marketing techniques like "buying words" from Google or Bing.

If you appear at the top why bother? Why pay for search terms you naturally do well with?

The more clicks an ad gets the higher listing (ranking) the site gets by Google. Google sees these 'ad words' as being relevant linking and clicking - this practice seems wrong to me...

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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Business conundrum

There are lots of things that are important when creating a business website……but where to start? Each bit needs another bit….but which bit first?

It is a real conundrum - The first thing to decide is: Have you got a business in the first place?
Always remember to have the final image in your mind, project who you are first of all.

It is important for your business to survive and and get your website accepted by the search engines. With time, maturity will make you more successful. Being around on the web for a few years is better than being the new kid on the block – just hang in there and create a successful history around your business.

Most websites suffer from unoriginality; they belong to the herd of mediocrity and banality. Write a controversial blog or web page - but be warned  -  a few minutes later, a thousand bloggers will be parodying it with their unique take on the concept. Get the solo part in the choir - at least for a short while. Click - copy – paste. Click - copy – paste. Click - copy – paste. Click - copy – paste etc.

Tumblr v WordPress

Sleep with your rivals...

So was there a new contender on the block in the best blogging application stakes? For a while now Tumblr has been making waves with their blogging platform.

Their rise in popularity has encouraged WordPress to implement a strategy of informing WordPress users that they are quite happy for dual users to import Tumblr blog entries into WordPress via one of the Tumblr to WXR conversion tools that are available on the web. Likewise you can export content from Wordpress to Tumblr - most odd really.

We still think WordPress is the best optimising tool out there...

We can install, manage and maintain your website or a shopping cart for you and we can do all this on one of our green servers. We can also do the same for your blog using one of our favourite tools, WordPress. This free blogging tool is as an easy and extremely effective way of enhancing your web presence and business. To maintain a successful blog it is important to know your subject and to constantly expand your own personal knowledge. A blog is another marketing strategy used for increasing a site’s relevance, by second guessing what people search for when using a search engine. It is important to write your posts using ‘good’ keywords.

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