Optimisation is not a static process

Is the traffic you pull to your site due to your interesting content? Are people remembering the important information in your text or are they just remembering the verbal padding?
Most websites suffer from unoriginality; they belong to the herd of mediocrity and banality. If you write a controversial blog or web page, you can bet a few minutes later, a thousand bloggers are parodying it with their unique take on the concept...or not!

Creating content that is memorable is important to your business and vital in perpetuating all the hard work you have done with web site search engine optimization. Optimisation is not a static process - updating web pages and creating new web content creates memorable websites - which is important if they have a commercial purpose. The stats you get on your web traffic may indicate you have kept people on your sites for hours but what are they doing? Are they stealing your content or ideas? Quality clicks are a rare commodity, your web content needs constantly updating - it needs to be fed in order to sustain your client audience, they need to know what you have to say about your product and they need constantly updated material.

Gold Coloured Guitar Neck Plate and Gold Screws

Gold Coloured Guitar Neck Mounting Neck Plate, Plastic Mount & Screws.     £7.50 – UK Post Free This was taken from a Chord guitar, will fit a Telecaster, Stratocaster or bass. Perfect for upgrading your electric guitar. See photos to judge condition. This gold neckplate was taken from a Chord guitar, will fit a …