Updating Websites (SEO)

Building the right foundations for your web site, in a structure that makes sense, in both a grammatical and key word manner is the way forward. This is copy writing. The art of page copy-writing enables the deployment of key phrases through your site. Assisting search engine results pages (like on Google and Yahoo) to catalog your web presence in a correct manner. By placing the hot phrases carefully within your website you can go from a rank outsider to a world beater. A business website is an increasingly important asset, and many companies strive to "improve" their web presence as part of an on going policy. To get the most out of a redesign, companies need to layout their website with an Internet marketing strategy in mind, otherwise random changes can hamper the primary goal - more hits, more visitors and more trade.

There is a lot of mythology out there about how to make a good web site. The truth is that if you have a product, idea or a service that is good, then the content of your pages have to be as equally good (if not better). Implementing SEO strategies for small (and large businesses), blogging etc. is important to establishing your site, product or brand. There is no point in just having a website, you need a website that works for you and your ever increasing visitors. Making your site 'Google Friendly', ‘Yahoo Friendly’ and ‘User Friendly’ are optimisation techniques used correctly.