Search Engine Optimization?

After launching a website it easy to sit back and wait for it to all happen and drop into your lap. The Internet is a universe, and it is full of big stars and little stars. It is no wonder a new website doesn't get much traffic and nobody is clamoring to buy their products or services.

Is your website lost in the pages of the major search engines? Would you like us to give you some of our advice?.

You don't have to be a big company to hire a search engine optimisation company. Over the past decade we have accumulated a vast hands on knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, with one of our projects even making the pages of the Financial Times!

Our services include:

spider Site Map Creation

Sitemap Service for £2.50 - site map generator

When we have received your payment we will send you a zip file (which you need to unzip) with all the site map files/images you need to upload to your server. Only upload the files and images and not the folder.

These files and images must be placed in your root directory so that the url is www.yourownsite.whatever/sitemap.html (and .xml). When you have done this email us back to say it is done and we will submit it to Google.

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If you need advice on Search Engine Optimisation please feel free to contact us and we will try to help out:

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