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We are all now very aware that the success of a website depends on a myriad of  variable factors. One  stratagem employed by Optimizers to 'sell the brand'  via social networking sites. One of the main distributors is Twitter - if you already have an account you will be aware that the posts placed are 99% twitter shit. There are however more niche networking sites.

I was trawling through my emails and I had one from Lolita Jenings who was singing the praises of RandRWorld.com. The content of the email appeared official so I replied back asking for more information. Below is the reply she sent back.

Hi, thank you for your attention. I'm Pr-manager in R&R music company

Discovering new music, creating new partnerships, and establishing new relationships are all integral goals of R&R Arena.
R&R World is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking music networking websites on the web. It offers different profiles and features for artists, venues, music professionals, and every day music lovers.
Artists can create announcements on their profile pages to advertise upcoming shows or album releases. All users can create playlists with any track that has been uploaded by an artists so they can listen to their favorite songs over and over. And venues can advertise upcoming events or search for artists to perform at the venue.
But the main features of R&R Arena are:
  • "The Market" - offers free publishing rights to artists and helps them to shop their music around to various people and companies who are looking for music to use in various different mediums.
  • "The Brokerage" - offers the unique service of pairing artists with companies who are looking to create a certain brand image for their company or their product. Both of these services provide great opportunities for artists and companies that can't be found in many other places online.
Come and see how easy it is to get started, upload music, videos, and pictures, and start networking. R&R World even has its own wiki system to help users discover what all the features do and how to use them! This is truly a user friendly network within the music world. Be heard at R&R World.

There are lots of alternative networks out there - maybe this one can offer something different? We made a page here: thiswindow . Let's see what happens.
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