SEO Strategy

If you  rely on your web site for generating sales or enquires, marketing your website is important in generating traffic to your site. The most cost effective way to do this is by getting high ranking positions in Google’s listings for your markets' key search  words. (The majority of web based leads come from Google.)

Although  an effective SEO strategy is labour intensive and time consuming, it is important to have an effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign in our competitive marketplace. Effective SEO is made up of several components, which to implement, in  principle, is a simple process.

By targeting your market audience through detailed keyword analysis, enables you to promote quality lead generation and create a dynamic SEO campaign. Analyse the most searched keywords and phrases that relate directly to your business. Use off site SEO strategies, like non-paid link building techniques to increase your website's perceived market relevance within your outlined market sector. Identify your competitors key phrases and work out what you need to target to rank above them.