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UK Optimisation .com Sitemap Service for £2.50 - sitemap generator

Are you having problems being seen by the major search engines? - Do you type in your name and not even appear on page three? The simple reason for this might be that they don't know you even exist. The most efficient way (we have found) to get noticed is to place a simple xml sitemap onto your site and then physically submit the page(s) to the major players. (You have to make sure you do this correctly otherwise you might compound your problem!)

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Sitemap Service for £2.50 - site map generator

When we have received your payment we will send you a zip file (which you need to unzip) with all the site map files/images you need to upload to your server. Only upload the files and images and not the folder. These files and images must be placed in your root directory so that the url is www.yourownsite.whatever/sitemap.html (and .xml). When you have done this email us back to say it is done and we will submit it to Google.

N O T E yourownsite.whatever is just an example - replace with your own web address.

If you get it right the flood gates will open and the visitors will come flooding in! Sales will increase and your profile will soar to the greatest of heights. Get noticed, make your web site work for you - don't let your web site be your master and you the slave. Make your investment of time, money and heartache pay. (You deserve this.)
The conception, birth pangs and sustainability of your web presence, can be made easier when it is optimized for search engines and be searchable by the major players. Use a combination of automated and human processes to help you towards achieving world domination.

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