The web is like Celtic Art

Those annoying little pixies with high pitched voices that scream in your head and go around and around, first one way then the other (stare at the image right). They simply just won't stop unless you get proactive and do something positive...My website needs hits, my web site needs hits my website needs traffic...

Did you realise that millions and millions of people use the Internet daily for their primary source of news? With this simple piece of information in mind why not create a news release that is topical, relevant to your site and optimised for web searches. This simple process used in blogs or emailed newsletters might get the attention of the journalists and newshound and maybe lead to bigger media coverage. It worked for us!

The web is like Celtic Art, it is interwoven, an endless knot, which could drive you mad if you try to unravel it. Stop the voices...My website needs visitors, my web site needs visitors my website needs traffic...

Celtic art is ornamental, decorative, avoiding straight lines and only sometimes using symmetry. Celtic art is a combination of various styles and draws upon influences from several cultures. Motifs are: knotwork, spirals, key patterns, lettering, zoomorphics, plant forms and human figures.

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  • 2021 Maple Neck – Contrasting Fingerboard

  • 2019 Maple Neck

  • Rat Bait Partscaster Guitar Parts – Neck Plate

  • 2007 Fender Squier Affinity Neck

  • Loaded Early Encore Neck – Similar to Vintage

  • Old School Maple Neck – Heel Adjuster