Is the conversation over?

The conversation is dead long live the conversation.
A conversation is communication between two or more people either in person, over a telephone or via the Web. It is a social skill that is not difficult for most individuals but what happens if you have nothing to say or communicate.

Conversations are in many respects the ideal form of communication, since they allow people with different views on a topic to learn from each other. It is the ideal way to sell a product or service.

A speech, on the other hand, is an oral or web presentation by one person directed at a group or a prospective audience.

For a successful conversation, the partners must achieve a workable balance of contributions or one party must learn something. A successful conversation includes mutually interesting connections between the speakers or things that the speakers know. For this to happen, those engaging in conversation must find a topic on which they both can relate to in some sense. This is a fundamental strategy in the art of selling. Those engaging in conversation naturally tend to relate the other speaker's statements to themselves (I really must buy this product). They may insert aspects of their lives into their replies, to relate to the other person's opinions or points of conversation. Conversation leads to sales and conversions of clicks into profit. Try it sometime.

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