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Our websites are powered by 100% wind energy; we are proud that the machines hosting our Web site and e-mail are fully eco-friendly! As energy awareness continues to grow, people are not just looking to make lifestyle adjustments, they want to make environmentally responsible decisions, this site is powered by renewable energy.

We are making the effort and helping our clients to be eco-conscious. This initiative isn't a marketing ploy; we encourage responsible environmental practices inside the office and practice them outside the office and we know that many of our clients feel just as strongly.

Outsider Internet can provide web hosting. There are lots of companies on the web who can provide cheap options - the majority are trustworthy. We can arrange hosting either in the UK or in the USA; we have clients who host on both sides of the Atlantic.
North Devon Web

There are several options available. If you want us to sort it out for you we can give you a competitive quote. We can also build you a site - this is what we are here to do:

* Get your project delivered within a specifictime frame.
* Ensure good search engine optimization isemployed.
* Get service from expert and experienced weband graphics designers.
* Reduce your project costs.
* We deliver quality all the time.
* Customised web designs and graphics design atlow rates.
* We offer very affordable hosting anddesign packages.
* Give you the experience of an established teamof designers .
* Customer satisfaction is our finalgoal.