Red Ferrari? Red Herring?

How do you search for things in search engines? Let's say you are looking for a Ferrari do you type in 'Ferrari' or are you more specific and search for a 'Red Ferrari'? The whole way we search for things on the internet these days has changed, we are now more familiar with how search engines work and how they find what we want. We are wiser to the tricks Search Engine Optimizers use to direct us to irrelevant sites.
I expect if you were searching for a Ferrari you would type in something like 'cheap red ferrari uk road taxed'. People are becoming much better at searching and search engines have improved the quality of results they deliver us, we are chasing less 'red herrings'. Web designers and web masters now have to get deeper into the mindset of their customers, creating pages that now assert authority and quality, delivering specific descriptions and information about products and services.
Both search engines and webmasters now have the difficult challenge of delivering what the client is searching for, being exact in search phrases and specific in meaning.