More Social Networking SEO Tips

Your Profile – First impressions mean everything and presenting a positive profile is the top priority, you need to divulge as much information about yourself as you can to make your 'friends' feel comfortable - as though they know you in real life, use your first name and a real profile picture.

Positivity is better than Negativity –  Be positive about yourself and your brand. Bring new, interesting  and accurate information to blogs and discussion groups. Give quality feedback and try to be helpful to other users - always try to be positive and upbeat.

Be There – Get noticed. Join all popular networks like facebook, twitter, blogger etc. - creating as many different connections as you can is the key to online success. Search through interests to build your social media marketing network.

Brand Image? –  Every word you write affects your brand, followers and 'quoters' will dump you if you make a mistake. This strategy might not sell your products but you will come out of the experience as a 'nice guy' and you never know you might make a small amount of cash out of it.

Don't Bother -  There are millions of people out there trying to make a fortune from networking sites - this could be another dead end.