Networks - Why are you doing this?'

Veronica Henry BBC studios Brighton

Networks have a core of members who initiate activities and support the rest of the group. Not only is it important to support new networks, it is important for these founding members to fully understand the structures and reasons for creating these new networks. They must be asked 'Why are you doing this?' and 'Are there other networks around that already fulfill your needs and aims?' Creating new groups/collectives could be counterproductive and create an even more fragmented environment.

It is important that a robust armature is created for a network to succeed. If this is achieved then it would be a formidable and powerful organization. At the ‘start up’ phase of a new network, the creativity of the entrepreneur or group leaders are at their most inventive and vulnerable. The energy that is created is very infectious but this enthusiasm gradually dies and needs ‘mothering’ to take it to the next growth phase. To achieve sustainability is key in a traditional business environment and in pioneering innovations.

A mentoring scheme which enables these pioneers to access strategies and processes needed to create a successful art or business practice would be highly beneficial to individuals and groups. Even established networks get it wrong and lose members.