Less is more SEO

140 characters of text are really all you need to sell a product. Twitter has made us all think about  optimization and editing our text, using the best combined words to get your point over. The days of stuffing keywords onto a page a probably over and we will now have to relearn skills of editing.

Optimizing visual layouts is a key to success, the words wrapped around images help to describe the product to the viewer. The web has become live, the day of the static webpage is nearly over, welcome to the embedded video, social bookmarking, widgets, social networks and the real time interactive network sites like Twitter. Read more...

It's Valentine's Day and you don't know where to start - should you go with a self-penned ode to my love munchkin,' a handwritten Shakespearean sonnet, or a dirty limerick? Tweetie Pie brings together 140 creative ways to tell your special someone how much you love them. All short enough to tweet yet more than long enough to say I love you' (twelve times over, in fact). From the poignant and affectionate to the quirky and amusing to the flirtatious and titillating for your lover's eyes only, every shade of love is here. Beautifully designed and bound, this is the perfect Valentine - or any time- gift for the person you love.

Tweetie Pie: 140 ways To Say I Love You