Listen and SEO

Here is another bit of music to listen to while you are attempting to get your website onto the first page of Googgle. Optimisation of keywords is vital to maintain a healthy search engine ranking. Small businesses depend on ranking for sustainability.... Take a break have a listen to this.

On Exist are from France  - language is a funny thing you need the the key to crack the code otherwise it is all meaningless. Spoken or written words are mute if you can't understand them. 'Twelfth Night' has the famous line in it, 'If music be the food of love, play on;' Shakespear was half right, music might be the food of love but it is also a universal key to understanding.

My grasp of the English language is minimal and my understanding of French is even less - I blame the English school system and possibly myself for being stupid.

There are tracks on ReverbNation but there is more of a selection on MySpace  - which in my opinion are better - however I think 'Young Person' is a mighty fine track.

Micro Interview:

Description: French songs ... Et je répond mieux au xquestions en français. Même si j'ai de la famille en Ecosse

Releases: The Ocean Christmas compilation..with many other artist.

Network: MySpace and Facebook just because it's simple. But for the pro relations we need everytime CD.

What They Have Written:

En 1987, Muriel fait ses premières gammes de guitare sur un banc toulousain. Denis passant par là, s'arrête un moment lui dit quelques mots, échange quelques phrases puis continue sa route .

C'est en 2007 que Muriel et Denis se retrouvent enfin dans la vie comme à la scène pour créer leur duo "on EXIST" et ainsi traduire à travers leurs chansons la passion qui les anime.

Passion des mots, du sens de l'existence, de la force émotionnelle des musiques de l'âme, de la transe naturelle émanant des musiques pop, rock et trip.

1987/2007, juste vingt ans pour se rejoindre...

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