Search Engine Optimization - Music?

Sometimes you just have to zone out and listen to music when you get 'code blind'.


Julie Peel – Music to SEO to

Here we are again, sat in front of my trusty old Mac, fiddling with code for my clients who want to get their website onto page one of Google. Keywords and search terms – this solitary career in SEO is … Continue reading
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Optimization by music

It is a sunny Sunday morning and the ocean looks inviting but unfortunately work is piling up. Here is some more music to Seo to and maybe inspire some key search words from – Natasha Kahn: Primary School teacher meets … Continue reading
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Amazon MP3

Have you tried buying mp3s from Amazon? Amazon MP3 offers millions of songs and albums from your various artists in most genres. The downloads are all in MP3 format, which means they can play on any digital media player. Songs … Continue reading
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