Smart business

Are you left high and dry?

The Internet is a tool that connects you with businesses and people. Are you a smart business? Communicate with your clients directly, elevate your online charisma, and boost boost sales; stay in front of the curve and your rivals. All this is achievable by using the Internet to its full marketing, and interactional potential.

Get your site optimised create more content. Write an article that could irritate and grab the attention of people. Try writing articles that give tips and guides to other web users. Writing articles that give good advice and hints to other people will provide you with the content that will give you more mileage and increase your traffic flow.

Most websites suffer from unoriginality; they belong to the herd of mediocrity and banality. Write a controversial blog or web page - but be warned  -  a few minutes later, a thousand bloggers will be parodying it with their unique take on the concept. Get the solo part in the choir - at least for a short while. Click - copy – paste. Click - copy – paste. Click - copy – paste. Click - copy – paste etc.

Try your hand at real search engine optimisation, look at your site and fix those broken links, update the content, sort out the keywords and phrases. Harnessing the power of the Internet to improve your website’s rank in the search engine results pages is a way to achieve your dreams. Be more positive and proactive with your time, improve and inspire, corral your visitors and steer them towards your products. Create a cage that keeps them locked into your site; tame them so they don't want to leave. Set your traps carefully and take money from your visitors.