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Most people seem to fail to understand how the Internet works; lacking the understanding of how to get the most out of their blogs and websites (quitting when they fail to make a quick income).

To be effective, you must be able to find your web site based on keywords or search terms – which prospective clients may enter into a search box on a Search Engine when looking for your product or service. It is vital Search Engines direct traffic to your website’s content.

The content of your blog or website has to be either useful or informative, constructed within a cohesive structure that is easy to navigate and understand. Where does the visitor go when he lands on your page? You have to hang on to the interloper and steer them in the right direction. Create a cage that keeps them locked into your site and tame them so they don't want to leave. It is no good being left with a deserted graveyard of a site, dumped in the bone yard of forgotten web dreams. Set your traps carefully, snare your visitors. 

It is important to survive and once your site is accepted by the search engines, with time, maturity will make you more successful. Being around on the web for a few years is better than being the new kid on the block.
  • We offer very affordable hosting and design packages
  • Get your project delivered within a specific time frame
  • Perform regular maintenance on your website
  • Ensure good search engine optimization is employed
  • Send out professional HTML newsletters
  • Reduce your project costs

You need to have a vision for your online presence, but do you know how to make it a reality?

Specialising in helping small and medium size businesses take control of their web presence, ensuring the highest possible search engine rankings and reorganising out of control websites. Let us rationalise your existing company site, making it easier to navigate and easier for your clients to access your services and purchase your goods.

We are a professional Website Design company based North Devon. Creating low cost, mobile friendly websites, optimised to suit your business needs.

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