What are business keywords?

The human language is different from and possibly more complex than those of other species. The language you decide to communicate your thoughts and product details in on a web based medium must be of a standard that enables the viewer to understand what you are trying to say. Human language is highly complex and is based on a set of rules where symbols, expression and sound have meaning. Business keywords are simply created by creating an infinite number of possible descriptions from a combination of  different expressive elements. Read more...

The important thing to remember though is that the visible content of your site is the most important search engine optimization weapon in your arsenal. Well written content and text is strategically a far more useful use of your time than messing about with key word tags.

L  E  A  R  N  +  L  A  N  G  U  A  G  E  ?

For those who come to Exmoor to do a three, four or five day ENDELS Course there is the opportunity to travel over the beautiful hills and valleys of Exmoor and to see if you can find any Stags. It is not easy. We cannot guarantee that you will see any Red Deer herds but we can do our best in the time that you are here.

That is the beauty of an ENDELS Course. You are invited here for one-to-one tuition to improve your spoken English. And, at the same time you can, with your partner, have a special leisure time programme – that may include searching for the Emperor Red Stag or for other herds of Red Deer. Read more...