Friday, 8 April 2011

Drawing from experience

To maintain a successful blog it is important to know your subject and to expand your knowledge. There is nothing wrong in investigating the basic principles of your subject, going back and redeveloping old skills. Your skill is in your art and maybe art might provide the answers?

Abstract painters never underestimate the importance of drawing from life. The rules for form, proportion, scale, composition are the same in every painting discipline.

There are various ways of making Paintings to recipes, each becoming a question of process and discovery, controlling chance, arranging colour with simple brush strokes, dragging or pouring paint across the surface to reveal a vast range range of effects. The act of painting can be reduced to its most simple and material elements, new materials can be discovered and played with.

To write a successful blog, the ability to reduce and intuitively create content is the way forward.

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Going back to the basic skills of drawing is an interesting excursion – a journey I’m not sure I will complete. Drawing a life model for the first times in decades was a bit daunting but old tricks and shortcuts were soon remembered and in many respects drawing is a bit like riding a bicycle. Read more…

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