Quail eggs - Green Business Website

After a long wait we have finally got enough eggs to have them as part of a meal. It was worth the wait, they were delicious. Hopefully we will be able to create some more interesting dishes using these tasty morsels.

Creativity refers to the creation of something new, improved, modified or adapted (a product, a solution, a new dish etc.) that has some kind of value. Building a green hosted website is probably the most productive thing you could do for your small business venture. What counts as “valuable”  can be  defined in a variety of ways… Continue reading →
North Devon web belongs to a network of websites that host in a green way.  North Devon Web is helping to prevent the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year by hosting on 'Green Servers' - as a result,  the network's energy efficiency is equivalent to planting approximately 2,390 acres of trees, not driving 6.1 million miles, or removing 510 cars from the road.
Getting your brand noticed can be achieved by using simple Internet techniques. If you want us to give you a quote for managing a small business blog, 'Green' web site or are interested in our 'Green hosting plans please contact us via email.

  • Get your project delivered within a specific time frame.
  • Ensure good search engine optimization is employed.
  • Get service from expert and experienced web and graphics designers.
  • Reduce your project costs.
  • We deliver quality all the time.
  • Customized web designs and graphics design at low rates.
  • We offer very affordable hosting and design packages.
  • Give you the experience of an established team of designers .
  • Customer satisfaction is our goal.

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