WordPress iPhone app for business


The latest WordPress iPhone app allows you to geotag your posts from your mobile.  Sharing your location when you post to your WordPress blog is  really simple, all you have to do is tap the Geotag icon on the Write screen, and  WordPress locates you on the map. Wordpress bloggers with self-hosted WordPress installations have been able to geotag their posts with the help of numerous plugins for quiet a while now. This is a useful tool (technique) is ideal for creating tags for specific locations - events, places and is beneficial for local searches listings in search engines.

Having tested the new app I can say it is a simple to use and less twitchy than previous releases. The WordPress app allows you to take control over your WordPress sites (you can update several from one device) moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, and add images or videos more easily. 

There are a lot of free, and exceptional efficient tools out there and some are more powerful at getting your products into search engines than expensive branded software and tools. WordPress delivers a mighty bang when optimising a website. Read more...