Art and keywords - Business services

Juxtaposing words together is a bit like creating a collage. Creating good solid business keywords however, is not a decorative process it is a complicated exercise. The mind always tries to create a narrative when confronted with the written word. The juxtaposition of arbitrary phrases etc. will always tease and trick the mind into rationalizing what it is in front of it and attempt to make physical
and world references - in other words try to make sense of what it is trying to analyze. These are the same processes that are used in understanding art Continue reading ?

Using keywords is part of SEO. Search engine optimization also involves several other processes; fine tuning a web site’s coding, presentation (how text, images and content are presented) and structure (including fixing problems that could prevent search engines indexing and fully exploring a site). It is important to avoid techniques such as black hat or spamdexing and keyword stuffing.  We can help...