Green design decisions for your blog?

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Presentation is one of the most important things to consider when you are trying to sell yourself or a product. It is always important to make design decisions for your blog or website using the same criteria as you would in the real world. When you buy a new sofa or maybe a painting you always (in your mind's eye) judge and appraise the object first and ask simple questions like: Is it the right size? Will it fit in with my decors? Does this object make a statement about me? Am I being Green? Making decisions about your blog or website uses those same simple questions.

North Devon Web can help you cope with the demands made on your resources. We can guide through the pitfalls - even owning a business website has become an environmental issue!

Eco-friendly hosting services, and optimisation services that work within green marketing has become a vital requirement for some ethical businesses. Not only are there constant pressures being placed on businesses to compete, within the real world and the virtual world, legislation and green issues are forcing them to adjust. Maintaining a successful business gets harder every day, the pressures and competition increase and the days get longer.

Having an environmentally-friendly site is a great accomplishment and a great selling point. Let your site visitors know your site has gone green by letting us build you a low carbon web site. We can build you a website that will cost you pennies. We can update your existing website once (or if you like daily). Contact us outlining your requirements.