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We can help you cope with the demands made on your resources. We can guide through the pitfalls - even owning a business website has become an environmental issue!

When you buy a new sofa or maybe a painting you always (in your mind's eye) judge and appraise the object first and ask simple questions like: Is it the right size? Will it fit in with my decors? Does this object make a statement about me? Am I being Green? Making decisions about your blog or website uses those same simple questions.

Eco-friendly hosting services, and optimisation services that work within green marketing has become a vital requirement for some ethical businesses. Not only are there constant pressures being placed on businesses to compete, within the real world and the virtual world, legislation and green issues are forcing them to adjust. Maintaining a successful business gets harder every day, the pressures and competition increase and the days get longer.

Business Blogging

There is no point in leaving your business web site with static content. Your website is not there to be admired like a still life painting or photograph, it has to be constantly changing or your visitors will get bored, your clients will go elsewhere.

A business blog is published and used by organisations to achieve corporate goals in a simple one-shot campaign. The advantage of blogs over other web-based media is that posts and comments are easy to follow and are centralised on one host and platform (everything is in one place).  With this homogenised structure it is easier to engage the visitor in one virtual space. These blogs can then be distributed via Social media, linking back to what is effectively a business hub.

An out of date blog sends out the wrong signals to your clients or readers, blogs that have more frequent and regular posting schedules tend to develop an audience and client base quicker.

The smarter businesses outsource their blog content generation to companies who know how to extract the biggest impact with the least amount of words.

All our web updating services, optimisation and services are carried out in the United Kingdom 

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Having an environmentally-friendly site is a great accomplishment and a great selling point. Let your site visitors know your site has gone green by letting us build you a low carbon web site. We can build you a website that will cost you pennies. We can update your existing website once (or if you like daily). Contact us outlining your requirements. var emailriddlerarray=[99,111,110,116,97,99,116,64,110,111,114,116,104,100,101,118,111,110,119,101,98,46,99,111,46,117,107] var encryptedemail_id47='' //variable to contain encrypted email for (var i=0; i

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