Devon Auction West Buckland Festival 2011

Bidders are invited to make secret, silent email bids from 15th August. You may place an email bid here.

Beauty and the Beast
We offer a 100% guarantee that no bid, postal or email, will be opened until bidding ends at 7.30p.m. on Sunday 11th September and thereafter all bids will be kept secret. Thus, if any person who wishes to bid is away on holiday or business during the Festival, but would like to make a secret SILENT bid, they can do so.
There are 6 impressive ‘money-can’t buy’ Lots. Each Lot has an estimated worth of £200+. No bid can be accepted for less than £180 and in the case of some Lots the minimum required bid is higher. See the figure against each Lot.Details of all Lots can be seen below and will also be available for viewing in St Peter’s Church from THURSDAY 8th September at 4.00p.m. until SUNDAY 11th September at 7.30p.m. The successful bidder for each lot will be announced in St Peter’s Church at the end of the evening with Dana on Sunday 11th September at 9.45p.m. In the event of a tied bid for a particular Lot the bidders will be invited, during the following week, to make a higher silent bid and the successful bidder will be announced on the website and in St Peter’s Church.
In each case up to 75% of the monies of the successful bidder will go to the West Buckland Festival and 25% to the person(s) who have provided the Lot, unless they also wish to donate that to Festival funds.
Your email bid will only be valid if you include the following information:
  • The lot you wish to bid on
  • A daytime contact number
  • Your Postal address
  • A valid email address
Only successful bidders will be notified. If your bid is successful you will be contacted within 24 hours of the auction and you will be expected to give a guarantee of payment. If you fail to respond to our contact within 24 hours after the auction closes your bid will be void.

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