First in Google?: UK green enrgy = cash

Business - we are so green !: "Contact us for some really good deals on ‘green hosting’ and web optimization. Our web sites are hosted on wind powered servers ..."

Here is someone we are helping! - Solar Farm Services are (perhaps) the most competitive solar power installers in Devon and the South West. Solar Farm Services are based in (North) Devon – providing impartial advice relating to all planning and technical matters relating to the installation of Solar PV systems. We will provide our services for any size development, from small domestic roof mounted systems to large scale stand alone developments up to 5 Megawatts at competitive prices, using only the best quality panels, inverters and switchgear from a range of manufacturers.

We can save you thousands of pounds on your installation costs!

Solar power is an attractive form of energy production for domestic and commercial properties – generated solar energy gives a better return on investment than your bank.

Printmaking Store

This series of woodcuts is available to purchase. This image was exhibited in the 150 Building at West Buckland School, North Devon. This woodcut is printed over pages of an old directory of important people from the early 20th century. … Continue reading

Sitemaps and Seo - First in Google?: UK green enrgy = cash: "UK tariff rates, which are RPI-linked, now offer an even more attractive financial incentive for micro-generation of electricity. ..."