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Do people make impulse purchases on the Internet?

If you have a retail store on the High Street then you can encourage people to look, touch, smell your products. High Street shopping is a sensual experience, so how does this work on the Internet?

Consumers constantly search for the next must have things, they read reviews, they are driven by jealousy and cynical marketing.  When friends, neighbors and family show off their latest lifestyle status symbol, frantic impulse buying online begins, it is driven by the need to be one of the elite herd.

Below is an extract from an article which appeared in The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday 31 July by Veronica Henry.

Photo by Peter Bright
Photograph by Peter Bright
In praise of impulse buying
'I was 22 when it started, one Saturday afternoon. With a coat the colour of Golden Shred and a flaxen mane and tail, Marmalade was for sale for the princely sum of £800. I hadn't the money, nor anywhere to keep him, nor had I much of an idea how to look after a horse. But by six o'clock that evening he was mine.

His purchase caused uproar, chaos and consternation. But I didn't care. I was high on a cocktail of euphoria, excitement and adrenalin. My nearest and dearest pleaded with me to cancel the cheque, but I was resolute. I woke the next morning knowing life was never going to be quite the same.' Read more...

Allergy#7 – painting at bargain price!

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