Go to the movies?

Surfing the Internet is a bit like picking up a hitchhiker blindfolded, you never know who you might pick up, an old man, a young girl, a murderer, a celebrity crash victim or your mother. You do however learn about the new acquaintance after you have a conversation with them and learn more about them. This is a risky business but it makes life more interesting. Maybe I should get out more?

I have decided to go to the movies more often but...there really aren't that many good ones out there.


Last night I went to see I Don't Know How She Does It (having managed to clear away the Sunday lunch, supervised homework, collated the uniforms and put out stuff ready for lunchboxes - just in time to get to the cinema for 8). It was mildly diverting and entertaining, and had some funny relateable moments. Yet SJP's character, Kate Reddy, didn't really seem to be juggling all that much. She just seemed to be away a lot, which, as any working mum knows, is the easy bit.