Tuesday, 13 September 2011

North Devon business hosting Ilfracombe

From the blog of Veronica Henry

Now is the time when I go into M and S and buy at least ten pairs of 60 deniers, in various colours and textures – at least five black, but also grey, mulberry and chocolate.  Then onto Asos for some fun and funky versions – tartan, spotty, leopardskin.  I also love the look of the Gipsy bondage tights, perfect with a Little Black Dress.  For absolute best, I splash out on a couple of pairs of Wolfords velvet deluxe - expensive at nearly £20 but sooo worth it and they last forever.And finally, for extra special occasions, it has to be hold-ups.  And the Rolls Royce of hold-ups – which actually do hold up, and are beautifully smooth to the touch – are Agent Provocateur Diabolo.  Trust me, they’ll never let you down.
The blog of Veronica Henry is hosted by North Devon Web.

If you want us to give you a Quote for a ‘Green’ web site or are interested in our ‘Green hosting plans please contact us via email.

We are based in North Devon, (UK) – we provide a web site updating service. We will update your site, even if we didn’t design it in the first place. There is nothing worse than a web site that contains out of date information….this gives the buying public the wrong impression.

Your web presence is important, a vital link between ‘you’ and ‘them’. This is a vital marketing strategy: information is power and sharing information increases your presence and ultimately sales.

Sitemaps and Seo: "The websites we build are powered by 100% wind energy; we are proud that the machines hosting our web site and e-mail are fully eco-friendly!.."

Who buys Art online?

Do people make impulse ART purchases on the Internet? If you have your paintings hanging in a gallery, shop etc then you can encourage people to look, touch even smell your works of art. High Street shopping and gallery purchases … Continue reading


Sitemap Service for £2.50 – site map creation.

We will create two sitemaps for you, one html file and one xml file.

All you need to do is fill your website address into the form here and we will do the rest.

When we have received your payment we will send you a zip file (which you need to unzip) with all the site map files/images you need to upload to your server.

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