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Do you have a visible business? Are you based in Penarth in Wales? What are you doing to get your company noticed? Most people tinker and mess about with their code, search words and tags, in the hopes of growing their internet business or web presence. Have you surveyed your competitors territory and decided you need to be more proactive? Do you need to paint a better picture of where your company stands in the marketplace?


Creating low cost, mobile friendly websites, optimised to suit your business needs from as little as £100.00 or updating your existing website from as little as £10.00 a page... 

We can guide you through the conception, birth pangs and sustainability of your web presence, we can create content for your website that can help you sell your products or services, we can optimise your site for search engines. We use a combination of automated and human processes to help you towards achieving world domination. 

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We are a professional Website Design company based North Devon. Creating low cost, mobile friendly websites, optimised to suit your business needs.

We believe that the key to the competitiveness of a company is in their professional approach, in order to achieve this you need to surround yourself with advisers and consultants that can help you achieve your objectives. The rates we charge are competitive and negotiable.

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We can help you update your business cheaply and effectively  

While it’s generally acknowledged that there are many benefits to using Internet technology to enhance business processes, many smaller organisations are still putting off the whole idea as it’s perceived as too difficult or too expensive to set up and maintain. Whilst it’s certainly true that it isn’t something to be rushed into, with a little help, it really isn’t that difficult.