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The stats you get on your web traffic may indicate you have kept people on your sites for hours but what are they doing? Are they stealing your content or ideas? Quality clicks are a rare commodity, your web content needs constantly updating – it needs to be fed in order to sustain your client audience, they need to know what you have to say about your works of art or products and they need constantly updated material.

You need to keep your website fresh and you need to update your products. The client is looking for advice and a bargain:

What is the best art to buy? Originals or copies? These are actually rather difficult question to answer. There are some editions of prints that are well worth buying, these are short run, numbered editions signed by the artist. The majority of prints available on the Internet are mass produced, unnumbered, poorly printed (on low grade paper stock) and are a bad investment, considering they still demand outrageous prices, some over the £100.00 price tag! These mass produced prints are not worth the paper they are printed on!

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