The Entrepreneur of the 21st century has to understand creativity to survive in our multi-visual world.

Can entrepreneurs learn from art?

There are misconceptions about creativity, which are perpetuated by jargon; ‘thinking outside the box’. This implies the solution to a problem is to work outside the normal sphere of practice, to think laterally. “Innovation derives in part from what happens when boundaries (either geographical, technological, organizational or conceptual boundaries) are exposed and crossed and something new is discovered in the crossing.” (The Maverick Way)

This is one way to create new markets or new products, however it is possible to be outside the box and think your way in, this is equally as creative and is a methodology employed by some artists. To position yourself outside a market or business and be a voyeur can be devastatingly effective in creating clone or competitor markets/products. The trick is to remain voyeuristic and not to climb into a box. These people could be called ‘Creative Scavengers’ or simply Artists.

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I decided to have an impromptu exhibition – it is so impromptu the people who are coming to visit don’t even know it is an exhibition.

As an artist (well sort of) it is easier to encourage people to look, touch even buy your works of art in a gallery. High Street shopping and gallery purchases are a sensual experience, so how does this work on the Internet?