What is a Solar Panel Made of? #Green and clean #Taunton #business

Solar cells are primarily made of silicon and do not contain any corrosive materials or moving parts. Silicon makes up 27.7% of the Earth's crust and is the second most abundant element after oxygen. The silicon wafers' surfaces are infused with minute amounts of impurities primarily Boron or Phosphorous in order to promote the production of electricity. Other materials used in solar panels are - Outer surface: Glass. Electrical Contacts: palladium, silver, nickel, or copper. Panel Frame: Aluminium.

What is Photovoltaic energy?
Photovoltaic energy is produced when sunlight is converted into energy with the use of solar cells or semiconductors. As long as the solar cells are exposed to light, they will produce photovoltaic energy with a minimum of maintenance. This energy is also environmentally clean, quiet, and safe. The term "photovoltaic" has two parts: photo, a Greek word meaning light, and voltaic, a reference to electrical energy innovator Alessandro Volta.

The initiative to create 'green websites' isn't a marketing ploy; we should encourage responsible environmental practices inside the office and practice them outside the office. Many of our clients feel just as strongly.

We belong to a network of websites that host in a green way. We can offer hosting deals for businesses, helping to prevent the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year by hosting on ‘Green Servers’ – as a result, the network’s energy efficiency is equivalent to planting approximately 2,390 acres of trees, not driving 6.1 million miles, or removing 510 cars from the road.

There is no point in leaving your business web site with static content. Your website is not there to be admired like a still life painting or photograph, it has to be constantly changing or your visitors will get bored, your clients will go elsewhere

A business blog is published and used by organisations to achieve corporate goals in a simple one-shot campaign. The advantage of blogs over other web-based media is that posts and comments are easy to follow and are centralised on one host and platform (everything is in one place).  With this homogenised structure it is easier to engage the visitor in one virtual space. These blogs can then be distributed via Social media, linking back to what is effectively a business hub.

An out of date blog sends out the wrong signals to your clients or readers, blogs that have more frequent and regular posting schedules tend to develop an audience and client base quicker.
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