Wednesday, 4 March 2020

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Back to 2012...

It is easy to blame your failures on other people and easier still to bury your head in your hands and give up. If a project is worth doing it is important to invest time, energy and resources.

The head of Russia's beleaguered space program hinted on Tuesday that foreign powers may be behind the string of failures that struck his agency in the past year.

Roskosmos chief Vladimir Popovkin told the Izvestia daily he could not understand why several launches went awry at precisely the moment the spacecrafts were traveling through areas invisible to Russian radar.

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  1. I think Vladimir Popovkin is right.. They have had a string of failures in last few years. May there are somebody who doesn't want Russia to stand-back on their feet, or may it is their own failure that they are just trying to blame others.. whatever it may be, it is sad to see that such a wonderful space agency is in financial troubles!

  2. I suppose if you are on the edge of a frontier failure and set back must be expected.