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If you are just starting out as a blogger, you probably have less than 70 regular readers and if most of them are your family and friends - they are more than likely going to like every post you make, no matter how bad it is - this is not the basis of a good business plan....

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Popular blogs don't necessarily create an income stream

Writing blog content that gets linked to and is quoted in other blogs is one of the best ways to market your business.

If your product is crap no amount of blog popularity will bring you in an income...

Blog charts are the barometer to measure the success of your website / blog against. These charts aid search engine position placement, they add weight to your kudos and influence your page ranking in search engines. A popular blog is a successful blog and potentially a good earner.

Creating crap blog content means you think your visitors / clients deserve to read crap blog content

To write a successful blog requires the ability to reduce and intuitively create content – this is the way to write a successful blog. Creating text that flows, with apparent ease is like a painter who is confident with their medium – they make it look easy.

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System Culture Limited have helped and assisted companies, individuals and organisations with their management of online and real world responsibilities, implementing strategies that have enabled them to work to a higher economic and resource potential. Troubleshooting and improving navigation and search engine issues within existing websites. Taking over the management and administration of websites for companies who require extra manpower for the short or long term.

We can offer a green web hosting, design and updating service for the West Midlands area.

The websites we host are powered by 100% wind energy; we are proud that the machines hosting our Web site and e-mail are fully eco-friendly! As energy awareness continues to grow, people are not just looking to make lifestyle adjustments, they want to make environmentally responsible decisions, this site is powered by renewable energy.

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We are making the effort and helping our clients to be eco-conscious.

Stourbridge  has given its name to  glass production.

Glass has been manufactured around the town  since the early 1600s – most of the glass industry was actually located in surrounding areas of Wordsley, Amblecote and Oldswinford. The area was rich in natural resources such as, coal and fireclay, which was used for lining furnaces and this made Stourbridge  the perfect location for the glass industry. Glass making peaked in the 19th century, encouraged by the famous glass-making family, the Jeavons.
drawing for allergy exhibition 2004
Image above by Peter Bright a former student of Stourbridge College of Art
The 1861 census identified that the vast majority of those involved in the glass trade came from Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. 9% came from other parts of England and 0.2% had come from abroad.

The houses inhabited by glass workers were of a much better quality in comparison to the slums in which the nail makers of Lye, Wollescote and Bromsgrove lived.
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