Business investment - art ?

The art market seems to be a recession proof market with prices going up and up - maybe it is time to invest?

Alternative forms of investment other than traditional forms of  investments in stocks, bonds, cash, or property, could be a way of 'bucking the trend'. The term 'Alternative' is a relatively loose one and includes tangible (?) assets such as art, wine, antiques, coins, or stamps. Why not invest in your own Art Business?

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E X A M P L E : 

Due to exhibition and gallery comitments the prices of Peter Bright’s (aka This Window) paintings and printmaking pieces have had to increase on

Artist Statement:

Original painting by Peter Bright.

Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated.

Price includes frame.

Size: 403mm x 503mm

“Allergy #11″ was started in November 2003 and completed in April 2011. This painting was originally created for a solo exhibition in The Queen’s Theatre during 2003 but was not exhibited due to lack of wall space.

1978: I once had a girlfriend called Anne who wore ‘Charlie’ perfume. Every time we came close I sneezed. This was not conducive to a passionate affair. Her ‘big’ permed hair and ‘page three’ figure was always out of reach, until we discovered I was allergic to her bottled smell….later we discovered I was allergic to latex.

Allergy #11 - £538.08