Business success or fraud?

Being successful can be a burden, the self doubt and fears creep in, "I don't deserve this, I am a fraud and someday soon I will be found out"

So you think you are a fraud?

Psychologists call this ‘Imposter Syndrome’ — or the nagging feeling that we haven’t really earned our success. It’s astonishingly common: raise the subject in any circle of good female friends, and confessions will tumble forth.

Veronica Henry (best selling author, TV script writer and features writer)  explains: ‘Lots of people envy the ability to write, and so think you’re a genius, and you sit there and think: “No, I’m not!”. That leads you to think: “Am I a fraud? Am I lucky? Am I just hard-working?” You flip between feeling very confident and then not at all.’

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