Saturday, 11 February 2012

Keywords, Hosting, all for free

Your website is the engine house of your success. Like every power house you need to feed it with fuel – you must however feed it with the correct food -There are always issues when optimizing new websites. Do you practice the dark arts or wear a white hat?

Techniques that employ heavy keyword loading tend to be penalized – so where is the ‘Grey Area’?

The content of a webpage is the key to success, the words on it have to be chosen very carefully, with obvious key word planting avoided, this is considered an unethical practice when used to optimise a site. An easy mistake to make is placing the same content on different pages – search engines will penalize the site (which will result in lost rankings) most short term techniques used to gain ranking position will usually increase the risk of penalties being imposed, thus endangering long term gains.

We can create you an xml sitemap and a simple html sitemap and email them to you. Click the button below for instructions.
Create your own sitemap

  • There are lots of (free) hosting options available on the web - but what tools do you use to control your site? How are you controlled by your host? Why not get an ad-free cPanel web hosting account with no catches, no setup fees, no forced advertising, no banners, no popups and no hidden charges?...
  • Yet again we are burning the midnight oil, searching for those keywords for our clients - it is time for a coffee and watch an old video. ...
  • Do you care if products are  designed or manufactured in Britain by British firms? All our web updating services, optimisation and services are carried out in the UK...

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