Business Starting Up: Survival Marketing Tips

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Here are 6 tips for entrepreneurs starting up a b2b company:

•  Get FREE knowledge . The amount of tips you can get online is unprecedented. Some of them are general tips that any business person would find helpful, others are specific tips on a narrow subject. Learn them and use them – today!

•  Know what is HOT . In b2b marketing attention should be paid to what is trendy and what works now. It's all about widening the audience, enticing new customers, making them stay and creating a buzz and positive word of mouth to spread your message. Flexibility is also important.

•  Go MOBILE . Mobile marketing is the fastest growing channel for b2b entrepreneurs, and includes effective SMS campaigns, apps and mobile-friendly websites to cater to the on-the-go consumer. Since 15% of all traffic comes from mobile phones, you should go mobile asap – Google has just introduced GetMo for a good reason!

•  EMAIL your way up . Email marketing is the most effective (and the cheapest) method in the b2b world, but in order to work it has to be used carefully, applying a customised approach to every client. Spotting the right time slot to send emails, including relevant imagery, discounts info, calls to action or money-saving tips is a must.

•  Be a SOCIAL animal. Social media marketing is widely used nowadays to propel unknown brands to stardom. Free knowledge banks on making it big in digital PR, online communities, forums and blogs can help you learn what it takes to go viral.

•  DIVERSIFY. CRM marketing and Search marketing are also areas to be looked into in great detail, while direct marketing and event marketing are more traditional approaches which nevertheless work today; it's all about combining different moves to target multiple markets and widen your reach.

According to the Office for National Statistics in the 2000s the highest death rate in new businesses was in the business admin and support services sector – 14.8%. This means that out of 206 businesses that were started up with high hopes for success only 175 survived. So what do these stats say to an entrepreneur starting up a new b2b business in the UK?

It means that studying knowledge banks and learning marketing tips should be the first point on their to-do list. It is no longer just about the quality of goods or services; it's more about how you market yourself in the modern fast-changing world. Luckily today the free resources offering great tips and the latest news in b2b marketing are plentiful.