Get paid for a #StumbleUpon Dinner Party

We were stumbling through StumbleUpon and discovered this unusual dinner party idea:
  • Grab a group of willing and adventurous friends. We’d suggest 5-8 guests. If they are behind the times, be sure they create a StumbleUpon account ASAP!
  • Decide on party and food themes. The sky is the limit here, but you want to ensure there’s a consistent vibe and flavor between the food, ambiance, etc. For example, our theme was “Mediterranean-American fusion,” which made the dishes complement one another.
  • Assign a course to each friend. Be sure there’s an appetizer, main dish, two side dishes and a dessert. If you have enough friends you can make a salad course, a soup course and even a refreshing adult libation!
  • Send your friends these instructions:
  1. Once on the StumbleUpon Homepage (, look for the field that says “Explore an Interest” (aka the Explore Box).
  2. Type ANYTHING into the Explore Box that’s related to what you want to make. Examples: dessert, American food, broccoli, cheese, salad, salmon, etc.
  3. Use the Stumble Button at the top left to start exploring surprising, interesting food ideas from across the web. If you see something you like, but want to keep Stumbling, just Like it. This will save it to your StumbleUpon Likes page for easy reference later.
  4. After Stumbling, review what you’ve Liked and decide on what you want to prepare.
  5. “Like” it and send me the hyperlink (either via StumbleUpon’s Stumblebar sharing panel, or via email) so I can submit it to StumbleUpon’s team.
  • Finally, Send the details! with your answers to the questions below. If your dinner party pitch is chosen, they will foot the bill!* (the email address is here)
  1. The theme for the dinner’s food and decor.
  2. Friends participating, their StumbleUpon usernames and your username.
  3. URLs for dishes you want to prepare. Remember: They must be found using StumbleUpon! (We can verify this information in our system.)
  4. In 100 words or less, why will your StumbleUpon Dinner Party be great?
* StumbleUpon will provide an American Express Giftcard to cover all food and beverage expenses plus a stipend for extras like flowers, paper towels, tropical drink umbrellas, etc. Gift card recipients will be notified via email. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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