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The printmaking WordPress blog we manage for Peter Bright is in the top 10 Art Blogs on Technorati

I have entered 3 screen prints into the ‘Offset’ exhibition at West Buckland School. These images are ‘works on paper’ and are for sale and cost £175.00 each.

This series of prints are a spin-off from the exhibition I did at the school in 2011.

Background to previous West Buckland exhibition

Old images and ideas revisited and recycled – re-executed in print and paint. A body of work based around “Beauty and the Beast” a classic tale of love, rejection and prejudice, where the beauty is the beast and the beast is the beauty. An allegory, a symbolic representation or a metaphor for my feelings towards ART. Read more…
Here is a newspaper clipping about the exhibition at West Buckland school. To see larger image click here.

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