The perfect formula for a website

Sometimes less is more. Websites that get straight to the point tend to be more successful than those that are jam packed with irrelevant information. It is far better to pack a lot of information into a few words saying exactly what you mean, this way the reader doesn't get bored and click away. Everything you need should be straight in front of you, tight and compact.

Great real world examples are the 1929 sleeper compartments on the Orient Express which ooze European and design history. Each cabin has an original washbasin cabinet, having  hot and cold running water - there is a little storage, mirrors and places to stuff your toiletries, all confined into a space smaller than a single wardrobe - economy of space and design.

The perfect formula for a website!

  • WordPress Management

    If you would like us to help with your WordPress Management or website ‘tweaking’ please contact us. We specialise in fixing the stuff you cant be bothered to fix.

    Keep ahead of your competitors and be as slippery as a snake…

    WordPress Management - English Grass Snake

    Responsive Web Design –

    Google is now penalising websites that are not mobile and tablet friendly. If your company website is not appearing in mobile searches your business will suffer. Your rivals will steal your potential clients and your competitors will put you out of business.
    Responsive Web Design is an approach to web design which aims to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling— across a wide range of devices, from laptops and desktop computer monitors to mobile phones and tablets

    With your clients relying more and more on mobile technology and Google can you afford to be complacent?

    If your website fails to work on a mobile phone contact us – we have a responsive web design service that is a cheap but stylish option and can run along side your existing site. Have a look at System Culture Limited’s test site.

    This service can cost as little as £100.00

    Contact us about building you a Responsive Web Design site ASAP
    Our team at System Culture Limited can provide a full range of services that will help you achieve your goals. We can repair and add new exciting features and functionality to your site.
    We can offer a web design package that can start from as little as £450.00. We can also build you a website on your existing server or fix the site you already have. Contact us for a competitive quote.