In Memory Of - #genealogy and Internet Memorials

The Internet has been around for such a long time now - it has its own history and fashions and like the real world fashions come back again.

Internet Memorials hit the headlines way back in 1999 with websites like making not only page two of the Financial Times but creating waves on TV and radio across the globe. This project was supported by PricewaterhouseCoopers and with their guidance they managed to sign a strategic alliance deal with the National Association of Funeral Directors on the 29th March 2000 - appeared at the first ever national exhibition for the funeral services industry which was held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (UK) between the 13th & 15th May 2000. This gave Funeral Directors an opportunity to experience the next generation of remembrance.

Where are they now?

It appears that the site is being rebuilt and they are accepting free memorials again...this proves a good idea is still a good idea.

Mary Jane Bright 1902 – 1980 When Mary was in her teens she was apprenticed to a chemist in Sheffield, traveling by train every day from her home. She was the woman behind the scenes in their grocer’s shop, where they were famous for their home … Continue reading

Mary Jane Underwood 1879 – 1966 Samuel and Mary ran a boarding house at, 62 Reeds Avenue, Blackpool, moving down to the Midlands in 1927. Here they ran ‘The Pleck Stores’ in Sidemoor. Their most famous client was Sir Edward Elgar who collected groceries from them. … Continue reading

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