Below the poverty line ? Start a business

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With the continuing rise in the cost of living nothing seems to change. History has this relentless habit of repeating itself as the article below from 2012 illustrates.

Oxfam is calling for an increase in the minimum wage to protect low income workers from dropping below the poverty line.

The charity says that the rising cost of living, combined with falling wages, and cuts to benefits, is creating the "perfect storm" for low paid workers.

A report published by the charity today shows six out of ten working-age adults living in poverty come from working households.

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Starting up a new business is a combination of having hope, believing in yourself and your abilities, understanding your product or service, realising there is a business opportunity but above all FEAR is there niggling in the back of your mind.

To be scared about taking a giant step towards creating a new business is probably the most important feeling you can use to your advantage - to take your ideas forward. Being afraid means you are asking all the right questions in your head.

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'There is poverty in the UK but there is still a lot of money out there and businesses that deal in high end goods and travel are still booming - although several companies who service this sector have 'gone to the wall'.

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