Cash flow - NatWest

NatWest will open more than 1,000 branches on Sunday as millions of people are unable to receive money or pay bills because of an ongoing technical fault.

Cash flow and use the funds to help grow your business is a balancing act that needs the skills of a tightrope walker who is prepared to walk across the Grand Canyon without a safety net. The ironic thing is, the more you invoice the more you can borrow, which means the more you potential earn the deeper you can get into debt, funding grows with  sales. Capitalism is a strange fish......especially when you cant get at your own money!

Up to 12 million NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland customers are still unable to pay bills, move money or get their salaries after a computer glitch froze their bank accounts.

Natwest said that an "update was imminent" but that there was still problems with its system that has prevented customers from getting up-to-date balance and from making payments.

Technical issues with its computers has now meant that payments in or out of accounts had not been made since Wednesday evening.
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